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Project LM HQ

About Project LM

Why should you use lights from Project LM on your vehicle? Because while our brand name "Project LM" is still sort of new, but we've been in the LED market for a while making LED lights for other brands you've probably heard of.

During the years we've been making LEDs for other brands, we've learned a lot about making the perfect LED light. This is why we're willing to offer a lifetime guarantee on every light we sell.

All Lights Use Cree LEDs

Cree LED bulbs are the benchmark for quality in LED lighting. This is why we only use Cree bulbs in our products. We wouldn’t want our customers settle for anything less than the best.

What's more, we meet or exceed all of Cree's standards for LED lighting. Learn more here.

All Our Products Are IP68 Rated

While most LED lights are simply "water resistant," our IP68 rated light bars are completely dust and water proof. This means they can withstand complete and continuous submersion in water. They're also impervious to sand and dust.

All of our lights carry this IP68 rating so you don't have to worry about ruining your lights on your off-road vehicle.

NOTE: Learn all about IP ratings here.

Military Grade Protection

Our lighting components have military grade breathers that ensure a pressure differential doesn't cause a light failure. Breathers keep the air pressure inside the light bar the same as the ambient air pressure outside, preserving seals. We use a mil-spec breather, as that's what we need to use to maintain our IP68 rating.

A quality breather is important, particularly to vehicle owners who drive at any sort of altitude. Driving over the continental divide without one of these breathers on your light might end in tears (or at least a busted LED light).


What would all of these things even mean if they weren't backed by a lifetime warranty? That's why Project LM warranties your parts to be free from manufacturing or material defects for the life of your vehicle. What more can we say about our belief and trust in our products?

Project LM is Where Quality and Affordability Meet

When it comes to vehicle lighting, you don't have to spend top dollar for a good product! We're one of the only LED manufacturers to offer affordable pricing, top-grade features, AND a lifetime warranty.

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