"There's no sedans on the trail!" is the car equivalent to "There's no crying in baseball!"

It's true. After years working in the off-road segment, we've learned one important lesson: rules are made to be broken. In that spirit, here are 9 sedans with enough ground clearance to handle a little off-roading:


Lift sedan subaru

The roof mounted lights and after-market bumper really make this Colorado cruiser.


Lift sedan impreza

With that kind of ground clearance, this Impreza is impressive.


Lift sedan camry

Do you think this Camry fits in its garage?


Lift sedan g37

These rims are pretty fancy, but this Infiniti G37 could crush the trail with its huge ground clearance.


Lift sedan suspense

This might be the ONLY sedan we'd use as a rock crawler.


Lift sedan tractor

Those may be tractor wheels, but we bet they'd go over anything.


Lift sedan beetle

Call us crazy, but we wish we could crush other Beetles with this Beetle.


Lift sedan focus

With those tires and lifted suspension, this Focus almost looks like an SUV.


Lift sedan bronco

We saved the coolest for last. This "BroncoStang" is a 1966 Mustang sitting on a 1976 Bronco frame. Best of both worlds?

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