Rev lights 1

Installing reverse LED lights like this one on your 4x4 is a cinch.

Your rear bumper might not be the first place you'd think to add an after-market LED light, but serious off-roaders should consider it. Here's why:

  • Seeing is good. A reverse LED will extend your rear visual field, allowing you to see obstacles clearly.
  • If you're backing up on a busier trail at night, the people behind you will have plenty of warning.
  • Reverse LED lights give your 4x4 a serious look that's equal parts form and function.

Adding the Light

Installing a rearward facing light is fairly straightforward, whether choosing pod LED lights or a light bar. Here's what you need to do:

1. Choosing the Light

Would you rather have a pair of LED spot lights, a couple of smaller light bars, or a traditional LED light bar? Whatever your preference, the mounting process is pretty much the same.

2. Mounting the Light

This step may involve a few mini-steps depending on your vehicle, and what typing of lights you choose. Regardless, here are three ways to get it done:

Using the bumper. This step involves removing the bumper and using a Dremel tool to cut out a spot to bolt the light.

Using a light mount. This means you're bolting the light to a separate mount, but it also means you can adjust the angle at which the light shines behind you. Bonus: PLM lights come with mounting brackets!

Using an after-market bumper. Many after-market rear bumpers have dedicated spaces for after-market lighting. 

3. Wiring the Light

Rev lights 2

You can mount the harness with zip ties along the frame.

Next is a little bit of electrical work to wire the light to the cab. Project LM offers a heavy duty relay harness, complete with a handy on-off switch. All sizes of our curved and straight light bars also include the harness with purchase.

If you happen to go with our relay, connect the light as shown in the picture below.

Rev lights 4

Once the relay is hooked up, you'll have to mount the heavy-duty wire up the frame and through to the cab. Common mounting spots include by the cigarette lighter, headlight switch, or next to the brake controller.

4. Automatically Turning the Light On In Reverse

If you're content to manually turn the rearward facing light on and off whenever you need it, you can stop here. However, if you want to get clever and automatically turn your rearward facing LED light(s) on and off whenever you enter reverse, you have a couple of options:

Option "A" is to wire a relay into the existing reverse lights and/or the trailer wiring harness (assuming your truck has one of these). The relay will then switch your LED reverse light(s) on and off, assuming you wire them directly to the fuse box or battery (with no switch in between).

Rev lights 3

This image is from an article on that can help you identify the reverse light power line in your trailer wiring, and then you can use that to trigger a relay or power your rearward facing LEDs.

Option "B" is to use the reverse light power line in your trailer brake wiring harness to power your reverse light(s) directly. You can splice the reverse light wire that's in the trailer brake harness with a simple "T" connector or even add a plug to your trailer brake wiring that only feeds the reverse power line to your lights. Basically, the plug will have 5 or 6 unused pins, with the used pin being for your reverse lights.

Option "C" is to skip connecting the reverse lights to your rearward facing LEDs. We recommend this option simply because your rearward facing LEDs could blind other drivers if they're used on the road. Switching them on and off manually also allows you to use them for campsite lighting, tailgating, etc., even when your vehicle is in park or neutral.

Choose a Quality Light

Not all LED lights are created equal. PLM's lights are built for the long haul, and here's a few reasons why:

  • All PLM's lights are IP68 rated, meaning they're both water and dust proof.
  • PLM uses aircraft-quality aluminum housing that keeps water, dusts, and everything else out.
  • Worried about a malfunctioning light? Don't - our lifetime warranty has you covered.