Your Jeep is pretty sweet, and it’s probably loaded with all you need - unless you prefer the really basic models. Nothing wrong with that! But we also know there are plenty of Jeep fans out there who like to do modifications here and there. For those of you in that category, we’ve found a few cool DIY Jeep mods we’d like to pass along.

Jeep bumper DIY mod

If you need something a little rugged or you accidentally had an off-road fail and messed up your bumper, grab a piece of steel tubing from any metal yard. Problem solved. Just have it cut to size and welded on. You could even take it a little further and have the ends capped off for a more finished look. Be sure to paint it though as leaving it just like the picture will mean major rust down the road.

Jeep hammock DIY mod

What better way to gaze at the stars (okay, the clouds) than from your Jeep? This Jeep owner decided to attach a hammock to the roof bars and kick back with a cold one. A DIY mod like this would great for camping!

Jeep DIY light bar mod

Remember what we said about painting that bumper? Well, here’s why…but that’s not the point. Despite the rust, this Jeep has an inexpensive and useful light mounting bar. You could use this same size steel tubing for mounting points around your Jeep. Do this and you can put Project LM pod lights just about anywhere!

Jeep DIY grille mod

You don’t need to replace your whole front grille to give your ride a facelift. Attach mesh to the back side of the grille for an awesome look!

Jeep DIY storage mod1

Jeep DIY storage mod2

It seems like when you own a Jeep, there’s never enough room for your gear as Jeep owners rarely travel light. Throw a passenger or two in the mix, and you’re out of room. These two inspirations might help a little. One owner built a box into the structure of the Jeep. This would be great for small items, or even your phone when you don’t want to risk getting it wet. The second picture shows how a felt covered shelf can double the cargo space. Stackable storage options are endless.

Jeep DIY phone mod

Finally, let’s get that phone out of the way. Mount it by attaching an accessory phone charger to the air vents. Bonus points for the zip ties!

Take these ideas and use a weekend to tweak your Jeep a little. If you have any other Jeep DIY mods or hacks, we'd love to see them!