F150 Lex

This Lex Motorsports Steel Front Bumper supports a winch mount, just one of many ways to customize your F-150.

Looking to upgrade the factory bumpers on your F-150 to steel bumpers? We don't blame you. For the serious off-road driver, you'll experience the advantages the minute you hit the trails.

Why Consider An After-Market Steel Bumper Over Factory?

Upgrading to a front steel bumper from a factory bumper is like upgrading from a 1/4lb patty to the half pounder at a burger joint—they're bigger, beefier, and oh-so satisfying at the end. Factory bumpers simply aren't made for the off-road crowd. They're often made with a mix of steel and ABS plastic, and don't support accessories such as lights and winches.

Pros of Installing a Steel Front Bumper

F150 light bar

This Rogue Racing Steel Front Bumper is a little less flashy, but it'll accommodate two curved Project LM LEDs.

Easy Install

You can order steel front bumpers with pre-drilled holes. Not only does this make install easy, but it also makes it possible to add additional after-market accessories such as tow hooks, winches, and off-road lighting.

Strong as an Ox

The sky is blue, water is wet, and steel is strong. That means scratches, bumps, and other types of hits won't do much to keep you from hitting the trails. Plus, steel is meant to last a long, long time.

Personalize It

Kids accessorize their dolls. Adults buy 4x4s and add their own personal touches. That's part of growing up, folks. And when you upgrade to a steel front bumper, you can make your off-roader even more useful than it already was with winches, tow hooks, and extra lighting.

Cons of Installing a Steel Front Bumpers

As they say, life ain't all sunshine and rainbows—and that applies to steel bumpers, too.

Difficult to Repair

Should your front steel bumper get dented or warped, it is extremely difficult to repair. However, dented bumpers could also be a source of pride and proof that you went all out, kind of like a sweet scar.


Front steel bumpers weigh a whole lot more than factory or aluminum bumpers. This added weight not only impacts the overall ride of your vehicle, but also makes them harder to install.

Rust and Corrosion

If you don't care for your steel bumper properly, the surface will almost certainly rust. This causes corrosion, which will slowly eat away at the steel over time.

F-150 Steel Bumper Options

Looking for a front steel bumper that you can accessorize? Start here:

Magnum Front Steel Bumper

F150 magnum

This mega bumper is made from heavy-duty hot-rolled carbon steel and allows up to a 22” light bar .

Fab Fours Vengeance Front Bumper

F150 fab four

This front steel bumper allows you to install various light configurations, like these 3.2” square pod LED spot lights .

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