The International Protection Rating is also sometimes called Ingress Protection Rating, and is abbreviated as IP code. This code consists of two digits and sometimes another character and classifies the degree of protection offered by objects.

The classification is based on how well the product protects against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, water, etc. The standard is meant to offer very clear consumer education about things like electrical enclosures. For example, instead of calling something “waterproof”, it explains exactly how waterproof something is.

The first digit explains the level of protection against solids:

IP chart first digit

The second digit explains the level of protection against liquids:

IP chart second digit

Here’s the full IP reference chart:

IP rating full chart

All Project LM lights are IP68 rated, meaning that they are totally protected from dust and can be immersed into over a meter of water without risk. This is the highest level of protection you'll find on LED lights intended for use on an offroad vehicle.