Offroad ram
Want to make your Ram 1500 practically indestructible? Start with a steel bumper.

The factory bumpers on Ram 1500s aren't bad if you plan on keeping off-roading to a minimum, but for those who plan on putting their 4x4 to work, a steel bumper is almost necessary.

Why Steel Bumpers?

For avid off-roaders, the question should be why not? Steel bumpers:

  • Are more dent and damage resistant than factory bumpers
  • Offer mounting points for winches and lighting
  • Give your truck a rugged look
  • Come in a lot of different styles and configurations

Of course, steel bumpers have some downsides. Since they're usually heavier than the factory bumper, they may require a front suspension upgrade (only it depends on the bumper). Also, if steel isn't properly cared for after it's scratched or dented, it can rust. Finally, steel bumpers aren't free.

Still, the benefits outweigh the negatives. Assuming a steel bumper is in the budget, it's kind of a no-brainer.

Choosing The Right Steel Bumper For Your Truck

Steel bumpers are like Chipotle burritos - everyone has different tastes, and all of them are right. When steel-bumper shopping, try not to get too overwhelmed by the variety. Whatever purpose you want it to fulfill, there's a style of steel bumper to get you there. Check out these great options:

Ranch Hand Sport Series Winch Ready Front Bumper

 ranch hand

This heavy-duty bumper fits Ram 1500s from 2006-2008, and the wraparound grille guard offers maximum headlight protection. This bumper is also winch-ready and offers plenty of off road lighting options, such as a pair of spotlights.

Road Armor Stealth Titan II Guard Front Bumper

Armor bumper

This steel front bumper is perfect for after-market fog lights and can handle up to a 12,000 lb winch.

Iron Cross HD Base Front Bumper

Iron cross

This American-made front bumper isn't the flashiest, but its solid construction will take you anywhere. Plus, it allows a winch up to 12,500 lbs and two fog lights.