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Why Project LM?

Project LM is an up-and-coming manufacturer of extremely high quality LED products at affordable prices. We've turned the LED lighting market on it's head by offering a lifetime warranty at an affordable price. We've also brought premium features - like military-grade breathers, IP68 rated gear, and Cree LEDs - at a bargain price.

Here's why you should buy your next set of LED lights from Project LM.

All Of Our Lights Are IP68 Rated

IP68 is the highest rating on the International Protection Rating chart. It means that Project LM lights are 100% dustproof and waterproof, so you can hit that dusty desert trail or off-road through a rainstorm without worry about damaging your LEDs.

We Use Only Cree LEDs

Cree is pretty picky about the manufacturers they choose to work with. In fact, they do rigorous testing before allowing a manufacturer to use Cree brand LEDs in their lighting products. If a light manufacturer doesn't meet Cree's standards, they can't put Cree's name on their product.

Our Lights Have A Military-Grade Breather

When you ride a trail, atmospheric pressure changes with altitude. If your lights are completely sealed and have no way to "breathe", the pressure inside your lights can be higher than the pressure outside. Eventually, this pressure difference causes a break in the seal between the light and the outside. Moisture enters the case of the light thru this break. Once moisture works into the light, it can cause failure.

Project LM lights maintain their factory seals thru the use of a "breather", which equalizes pressure inside and out. Our breathers are military-grade, meaning they won't fail anytime soon (probably never).

We Offer A Lifetime Warranty

The best way to judge a product is by the manufacturer's willingness to stand behind it. At Project LM, we know our lights are made from the highest quality materials. We know our manufacturing processes are top notch. We know our lights are made to last longer than most vehicles.

Therefore, we offer a limited lifetime warranty against manufacturer defect on all of our products. Very few LED light manufacturers offer a similar warranty.

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